Frabill Hiber Net Retractable Landing Net

Frabill Hiber Net Retractable Landing Net


Net size: 57 x 57cm

Mesh depth: 75cm

Handle: 130cm

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Frabill’s patented Hiber Net is the first completely portable, retractable landing net that fits easily inside any standard rod locker. You’ll forget its even there…. until you need it. Grab the handle, slide the grip forward, and out shoots a hoop and net, locking into place for the big moment. The beauty of the Hiber Net lies in its simple, foolproof design. There are no buttons or confusing push   connections. All you do is slide the handle upward. You’ll feel see and hear the net lock into place, so there’s no way to overdo it.  Hiber-Net retracts instantly too. Just pull the slide grip back towards the handle. This unlocks the hoop and draws it back inside the tube.